Paradis d'Enfants Primary School
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We rely largely on community support, in order to provide quality education to children of low income families. Your donations will help us:

- Compensate for increased cost of living without raising tuition fees
- Grant over 100 families 100% financial aid to alleviate their economic burden
- Ensure high-quality education by training teachers

Join the cause by contributing fully or partially to a child's tuition.

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International Transfers (USD) Benificiary Name: Paradis D'Enfants
Bank: Banque Libano-Francaise
IBAN: LB 580010 000 0001 7754 3860 05840
Swift code: BLFSLBBX
Address: Mount Lebanon, Jounieh
Branch: LB0010013/Jounieh
Currency: US Dollar
LBP A/C Name: Paradis D'Enfants
A/C No.: 215 001 360 512889 01 6
IBAN: LB68 0019 0021 5001 3605 1288 9016
Swift code: SGLILBBX
Address: Societe Generale De Banque Au Liban
Agence: Jounieh - Apotres
USD A/C Name: Paradis D'Enfants
A/C No.: 215 004 360 512889 01 1
IBAN: LB33 0019 0021 5004 3605 1288 9011
Swift code: SGLILBBX
Address: Societe Generale De Banque Au Liban
Agence: Jounieh-Apotres
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Thank you to our annual donors!
Your generous donation has truly helped Paradis d'Enfants association and its children in need.
Contributing Organizations & Associations:
INDEVCO - Paradis d'Enfants Donor
Sanita - Paradis d'Enfants Donor
Credit-Agricole - Paradis d'Enfants Donor
Banque Libano Francaise - Paradis d'Enfants Donor
Bank Audi � Paradis d�Enfants Donor
Bankers - Paradis d'Enfants Donor
Allianz SNA - Paradis d'Enfants Donor
Erga - Paradis d�Enfants Donor
Byblos Bank - Paradis d'Enfants Donor
Porsche - Paradis d�Enfants Donor
La Libanaise des Jeux - Paradis d'Enfants Donor
Aims - Paradis d�Enfants Donor
Fransabank - Paradis d�Enfants Donor
Nakhal - Paradis d'Enfants Donor
First National Bank - Paradis d�Enfants Donor
BASSOUL HENEINE SAL - Paradis d�Enfants Donor