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“The children of today are the leaders of tomorrow”

Our Founder

“The Friends of the Public School”, under the auspices of Georges N. Frem & Brothers Charitable Association, founded Paradis d’Enfants in 1997. Georges Frem’s sole intention was to establish a school that could serve as a model of quality education to inspire Lebanese public schools to follow its lead.

Since establishing Paradis d’Enfants, Georges N. Frem Foundation ensures that all underprivileged children across Lebanon enjoy their right to an education.

Our History

Recognized by the government under Decree No. 7650- 05.03.2012, Paradis d’Enfants is an association which presently runs three primary schools in Ghadir, Ghosta, and Haret Sakher in Lebanon. Our schools now support approximately 2000 students and their families, after starting off 22 years ago with only 33 students.

With economic, political and social factors at play, we recognized the need for a far-reaching initiative catering to one basic need, ‘the right to education for every child of a needy family’. Deeply rooted in our sense of social responsibility and relying majorly on community support, we, at Paradis d’Enfants, aim to actively involve civil society in our mission.

Our 'Raison d’Etre' arises from:

  • Low quality of education available to families in need
  • Increasing demand on private schools
  • Low family income combined with high tuition of private schools (Deteriorating economic situation prevents such schools from adjusting tuition fees to the individual income)
  • High dropout rate (35%) of teenagers (15 – 19 yrs) unprepared to pursue higher education

Mission & Objectives

Educating children in Lebanon means endowing them with invaluable capital to face life’s challenges. Education transforms children into mature individuals and provides knowledge, the key for a rich and vigorous professional life.


Enroll children from families in financial difficulty in school in order to give them access to quality teaching and education.

Act to build a harmonious society, creating a balance between school life and family life.


Build a society led by the feeling of belonging to the motherland, open-mindedness and concern for the common good. 

Our values

Our educational project focuses on patriotic and civic values and draws on Christian values.

It is based on equal opportunities, respect for the common good, and mutual aid.


Our objectives, means and actions


  • Ensure quality education and success to all.
  • To give each student, without any discrimination, similar opportunities of acquiring basic knowledge and working methods, taking into account his or her individual aptitude.
  • Develop each student’s personality and abilities in order for him or her to build a better life.
  • Allow teachers to be more autonomous professionally and to be responsible for encouraging openness and transparency.
  • Focus on training and collaborating with parents for student achievement.
  • Ensure a school climate that is favorable for cooperation and success.

Educational Goals

  • Establish balance between school, family and society
  • Develop the student’s personality and capacities for a better self fulfillment
  • Provide every student, without discrimination, the same opportunities to acquire fundamental knowledge, work methods, taking into account the capacities of each. Teaching by modules, full classes or small groups is adopted for this purpose
  • Guarantee a continuous training for teachers as well as a pedagogical upgrading which allows them to acquire the latest innovations in education
  • Provide the following for students: a library, audio visual material, a lab, as well as courses in computer, fine arts, music, drama, and physical education to develop their potential and allow them to prove their creative skills
  • Educate a young generation who is aware of the role they are called upon to assume in society, and of the responsibility they have towards their nation

Financial Situation

We fund our schools through:

Georges N. Frem Foundation
Covers most of the annual deficit

Embassies & Companies
Contribute to specific projects (training, furniture, computer labs …)

Foundations & Associations
Donate funds

Commercial Companies
Offer supplies and materials

Fundraise through stands in annual exhibitions and fairs

Regional Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs)
Provide extra social help and needed equipment

Benevolent Individuals
Sponsor students

Students’ Families *
Participate in students’ tuition, depending on parent revenue

*This income constitutes around 35% of our total annual budget*


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